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Close More Deals Remotely

Every sales mistake and missed opportunity is now behind closed doors. At a time when every conversation just got more critical.

Refract analyses every call and demo, profiling the revenue defining moments, revealing what leads to successful outcomes for your team today.

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Winning With Remote Sales In the New Normal small thumb

Winning With Remote Sales In The New Normal

Your practical guide to succeeding with Remote and Dispersed Sales Teams

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Customers Who Love Us Include:


Accelerate Revenue & Successful Outcomes

Profile where revenue is won and lost in every interaction. Identify the most valuable conversations and key moments to review, coach, and share. Learn the DNA of your conversations that leads to successful outcomes.

Roel De Wever
“Because of Refract it's now way easier for us to check calls, grade calls, and for us to teach our SDRs how and where they can improve - by listening to the calls everyone makes. It's so easy.”

Roel De Wever - Head of Sales Development - Rydoo

Level Jump Rep Performance and Development

Capture actionable insight from every call, meeting and demo. Help your team develop faster through reflection, replicating top-performing peers and delivering ‘conversation triggered’ learning & resources.

Samir Patel
“We use Refract and its power to be able to give us insights of exactly what happens on every call which we can then use to coach each of the agents to strengthen their abilities to be able to make those calls more effective.”

Samir Patel - Inside Sales Director - NEOPOST

Capture the Voice of the Market

Develop informed strategic decisions across the business, based on the unfiltered voice of customers and prospects. Learn what leads to successful outcomes and relationships in your business.

Edward Harries
“Not only does Refract allow us to understand the retail context better, it also allows us to understand where we're making mistakes so we can become much more efficient in our process. Simply put, without Refract we wouldn't have that ability.”

Edward Harries - Brand Partnerships Director - Visualsoft



Driving Improved Conversion Rates at Rydoo

Roel De Wever and Charlie Ceustermans from Rydoo used to manually record and review their teams calls in a very ad hoc way. 

Implementing Refract they now check, grade, and review calls. Quickly and accurately pointing reps towards areas for improvement, and dramatically improving the quality of handover between teams.

4 The SaaS Sales Coaching Blueprint - Cover final

The SaaS Sales Coaching Blueprint™

Discover the keys to coaching a successful SaaS sales team - remotely in under 90 minutes a week. 

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