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Every conversation, call, demo, meeting and email contains a treasure trove of insight.

The words used, phrases chosen, questions asked all impact on success. Yet, throughout our own careers, sales coaching always felt broken. We would ride along with calls and demos, share ideas and feedback, all without a shared reflective view.


And as powerful as coaching continually proves to be, it only accounts for less than 5% of sales managers time.

So, to make sales coaching simple, more time-efficient and to amplify the benefits, we built Refract. By highlighting the decisive and defining moments of these conversations and surfacing coachable insight specific to your business and reps, mistakes and missed opportunities can be remedied. Great moments can be shared amongst the team. The best made available in a searchable library.

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Our AI technology delivers personalized insight, based on your business and your reps, showing the actions and words that align with top performers and results.

We work with a range of global clients, with teams from just a handful to the 1000’s. And whilst every organization is different, they all have one thing in common. They’re passionate about improving sales conversations, and that’s just what we’re here for.

The Team

Kevin Beales
Founder & CEO
Rich Smith
Co-Founder and Head of Sales
Paul Fleming
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Adam Moses
Head of Customer Success
Kelsey McDonald
Marketing Manager
Mark Ackers
Head of New Business
Stuart Taylor
Head of Sales Development
Richard Hinchley
Head of Development
Ryan Huggon
Customer Success Manager
Cassie Wilcox
Customer Success Manager
Matthew Wright
Partnerships Manager
Al Armstrong
Quality Assurance Test Analyst
Joe Beales
SDR (Part Time...)
Corey Jenkins
Product Analyst/UX Designer
Charley Telford
HR Administrator
John Sutherland
Sales Development Representative
Nia Woodhouse
Sales Development Representative
Swapna Binoj
Software Developer
Jack Murrish
Software Developer
Irini Prokopiou
Junior Developer
Liam Lagan
Graham Mclauchlin
Customer Support Specialist
Jordan Harrison
Rachel Mackey
Customer Success Manager

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch by email, phone, or through the form on this page.

Refract, an Allego Company UK HQ
The Core, Science Central
Bath Lane
Newcastle upon Tyne 
Phone: 020 3608 8785 
Email: info@refract.ai

Allego US HQ
300 Fifth Ave, 4th floor
Waltham, MA 02451 USA
+1 617 658 9964

For the fastest response email support@refract.ai

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