Agorapulse streamlines Sales Enablement with Conversation Intelligence [Case Study]

Agorapulse Case study mockup

Agorapulse is a social media management tool for agencies and mid-sized businesses with active social media profiles. Assisting with publishing, engagement and performance reporting Agorapulse eases the process of social media management.

Read how using Conversation Intelligence has enabled Agorapulse to reduce time to close deals, reduce the time it takes to onboard and ramp new hires, and how unlocking the voice of the customer has allowed more customer-centric product development and messaging.

Lisa Kalner Williams
Day-to-day, there is no better way to capture competitive intelligence, positioning and feedback than listening to a call and analysing the data. I can speed up tracks, use transcripts and search actual data to handle all of the different scenarios we encounter and I can actively coach the team based on that data.

Lisa Kalner Williams- Author
Sales Enablement Manager, Agorapulse

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