Conversation Intelligence powering Sales Enablement

Do you use the knowledge and insight gained throughout your sales journeys to drive sales success across your entire business? Do you know what works, understand why it works and do you replicate it to amplify success? Do you uncover opportunities and share winning sales formulas with wider teams and departments?

This is the future of sales, brought to you by Allego + Refract.

Allego + Refract

In December 2020, Refract was acquired by Allego, market leader for virtual learning and sales enablement solutions, marking a new age of AI driven sales enablement. We're thrilled that Refract conversation intelligence is now embedded and available across the Allego suite, using intelligence gained through the sales journey to power wider sales enablement initiatives. 

In turn, we're excited that Refract conversation intelligence could be the open door to AI-driven sales enablement solutions from Allego, for your business.


Conversation Intelligence powering Sales Enablement

AI coach insight

Surface and act on coachable moments at scale using the data compiled from calls.

Surface opportunities to improve

Drive efficiencies for managers with automated review flagging to see where reps are struggling, or where there are opportunities.

Replicate best practices

Analytics and recommendations on call clips to repurpose and enhance as best-practice examples and learning content. Understand what works, why it works and replicate teamwide.

Rep training and certification

Certify rep proficiency at scale using scorecards, inline feedback, and automated weakness targeting.

Automate sales 'admin' tasks

Improve productivity and post-sale handoff with automated note-taking that ensures context is never lost.

Content recommendations

Automate content recommendations based on call topics and surface the assets in the reps’ flow of work.
Samir Patel - NEOPOST

We use Refract and its power to be able to give us insights into exactly what happens on every call. We then use this to coach each of the agents to strengthen their abilities, to be able to make those calls more effective.

Samir Patel
Inside Sales Director, NEOPOST

A Ten Fold Return For Onboarding New Hires

For Jason Ring (Global Head of Inside Sales at Global Shares) Refract enabled him to multiply himself. Allowing the company to onboard 5 new hires, in very challenging conditions, 100% remotely.

He shares how, using Refract, he no longer needs to sit alongside reps and listen in, spreading himself too thin. With all calls recorded and analysed he is able to retain visibility, in a fraction of the time, and in the current times - remotely.


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