Unlock the Black Box of Your Revenue Conversations

How many pivotal moments of your sales team’s calls, demos, and meetings are lost, forgotten about, never to be seen or heard again? Moments where revenue is won or lost, and the learning opportunities they offer- gone forever. That can change today.

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Find The Conversations That Matter

Your Google search of every call. Find the calls and moments where revenue is won and lost - the mistakes, missed opportunities and playbook moments to share. Search for topics, words and phrases spoken, together with insights such as talk time or questions asked, by types of call, date, and which agent or team.

  • Calls where a competitor is name-checked by the prospect, pricing is discussed but there are no next steps? No problem!
  • Create searches and alerts to run with just one-click

What do Your Top Performers do Differently?

Trust your data, not big data. What leads to successful outcomes from your calls? What do your top performers do differently? Our AI Insights reveal the DNA of calls that lead to successful outcomes and revenue, what each rep is doing in their conversations, and the coachable insight to level-jump performance and results.

  • AI-driven analysis that reveals what leads to success for your team
  • Reveal what top performers do differently and what leads to successful outcomes, to clone across the team.

Triggered Learning

Deliver just in time video, learning, knowledge and tips as files, links or create video content in seconds, triggered by conversation content.
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AI-Driven Insights

Trust your data, not big data - what leads to successful outcomes on your calls? What do your top performers do differently? Surface insights for every rep and team, benchmarking their conversation DNA.


Call Explorer

Your ‘Google search’ of every call based on any combination of content, insights and call data, to surface the conversations and moments where revenue is won and lost.


Call Recording

Don’t have call recording? Reps making calls remotely or from mobiles? We’ve got your back. Make recorded calls in seconds, directly through Refract, from any phone.

Best Practice Library

Ramp new starters quickly and share what great looks like across the team with a library of your team’s playbook calls and moments. 


Seamless integrations with an ever-growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, video conferencing platforms and sales tech.

Your Virtual Sales Coach - on Every Call

Triggered Learning serves up just-in-time content based on what happens in sales conversations. Trigger video, learning, resources or external links send directly to reps, by listening to every call.

  • Enable reps to engage in self-directed learning and knowledge based on what happens on their calls
  • Deliver high impact resources at the most pertinent time
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Extensive Integrations

Refract integrates with an ever growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, and video conferencing platforms. The most popular tools used by sales professionals every day. No need to jump between tabs and services, with one click integrations.

Our integrations include these and many more.

“Not only does Refract allow us to understand the retail context better, it also allows us to understand where we're making mistakes so we can become much more efficient in our process. Simply put, without Refract we wouldn't have that ability.”

Edward Harries - Brand Partnerships Director - Visualsoft