Can You Coach A 10yr Old to Make Cold Calls?

Can You Coach A 10yr To Make Cold Calls (1)-1

Last Friday, I coached 10-year-old Joseph Beales (Our CEO's son) at Refract in the ‘art’ of cold calling, and that same afternoon he hit the phones putting what he learnt into action…

Good news - we filmed it so you can all see how the day unfolded.

Spoiler alert...he booked 11 meetings!

We could all learn from Joe - he has the right mindset, he was coachable and willing to learn. The key ingredients if you want to progress. He was also confident which always helps!

Initially I gave him a cheat sheet and script and we did a few role-playing demos to break the ice. Phase Two saw Joe making real live calls, and relying on the Refract platform to learn from the calls he made and improve his skills in areas such as speed and talk time.

Why coach a kid to make cold calls?

Having experienced first hand the speed and impact call coaching had on my sales performance I wanted to see what effect coaching could have on a 10-year-old and his success in cold calling. I was not disappointed. Joe absolutely nailed it.

Watch the video and see why.


It was a huge success. He took on all Mark’s suggestions, pushing through some potential bad habits and difficult conversations, and listening to the insights Refract generated.

He learned the power of asking questions over making statements, and even found out how to use powerful questioning strategies and by the end of the day he was flying solo and script-free. Some of the people he spoke to didn't even realise he was a child!

Kevin Beales, CEO (and proud dad)

But wait there's more.

To find out a little more about Joe and the day we also recorded a follow up interview for Coach The Sale, you can listen to the episode here.

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