6,000 reasons why your CRM won’t improve sales performance


Over the next 4.5 minutes, you’ll decide whether this was a great article, just about worthwhile or a complete waste of your valuable time - appreciating you may make that decision much earlier! During these 610 words, the fate of this post will be decided.

Not unlike your favorite radio show, magazine, newspaper, podcast or even TV show, the words, whether spoken or written, determine the success, or otherwise, of that show or article.

Your sales conversations are no different!

Sure, we all know the importance and value of a great fit prospect. And with our amazing products, goods and services we can solve the problems of our prospects and build fantastic long-term partnerships or customer relationships.

But what happens if all that is equal. We all got the same the same good fit opportunities and all sold the same great product or solution. Some of us may work harder and smarter but what else would sort the wheat from the chaff?

And with our increased ability to identify and create engagement with good fit
prospects, an ever-more competitive world where any number of vendors may be able to truly add-value despite our ability to roll out USP’s and what makes us (all) different, what is left to distinguish top performers from the crowd, the middle of the road 60% who neither excel nor struggle (but frequently fail to make quota).


Our sales conversations are where deals are won and lost every time. We build rapport, discover pain and value, share and educate solutions that will deliver genuine value and create partnerships from which all parties win. Not in our CRM’s, in our sales conversations.

Our sales conversations, and the words we choose within them, control the destiny of our outcomes. Top performers have achieved mastery, and continue to learn and educate themselves, learning the best questions to ask, value to present, handling of objections based on an almost unlimited number of variables and personalization of each prospect opportunity - continually refining, self appraising every element of their success and failures and embracing coaching and feedback.

But here is the uncomfortable truth. Most managers don’t even know what happens in those conversations. Most reps don’t get coaching and feedback on their conversations. Sales Managers ‘manage’, they don’t coach. Less than 8% of time is spent coaching by managers on average, across their entire team. And invariably that coaching is to ‘go through your pipeline’, or ‘talk about the number of opportunities’.

Your CRM provides invaluable data to help ‘manage’ teams, measure and report on key KPI’s. Yet your CRM contains NOTHING on the content of sales conversations. A complete black hole. No insight into champagne moments of brilliance, nothing on the missed opportunities that occured, no illustration of where the needle on ‘probability’ went up or down - it just finishes with an outcome followed by the arbitrary change in ‘probability’ because the rep has certified the prospect as “v.interested”.

7% of sales people are judged as eilte. How much do you think the quality of their conversations contributes to this?

The average 30 minute sales conversation has over 6,000 words. For the vast majority, they don’t even know how many of those the rep said, let alone what they said - the insight into the discovery question that defined the opportunity and its outcome, the moment of brilliance that if shared with peers would impact on everyone’s success or the mistakes and missed opportunities that led to the prospect to share this “isn’t one of our priorities”, “contact me again Q3” or to “send me an email”.

The ability to dive into conversations and to use AI to surface coachable insight into what happens on those 6000 words x hundreds of calls, provide the ammunition to coach revenue impact, maximizing the ROI on your coaching - even if it is just 8% of sales managers time!

They say the definition of insanity is to carry on doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Don’t rely on your CRM to make that change - find out what happens in your sales conversations.

This blog post first appeared at: http://blog.refract.ai/6-000-reasons-why-your-crm-wont-improve-sales-performance/

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