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We're Hiring - Customer Success Manager

Refract are looking for a Customer Success Manager. Taking our customers all the way through the customer lifecycle and representing the voice of the customer. Find out more.

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Ever Suffered From Competitor Reflux?

"I worked with one of my clients recently and used their 'competitor X' account.” This was the line I heard when coaching one of the Refract team’s calls last week to a Sales Training/Coaching...

Sales Coaching, Sales Conversations

Why Your Manager Doesn't Review Your Sales Calls

Listening to your team's sales conversations is one of the most impactful uses of your time as a sales manager or leader.

Sales Coaching

Why your sales team that suck, think they are great

93% of Americans rated their own driving skills as ‘above average’.

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13 Great Discovery Questions

Sales revenue is won and lost in discovery - the crucial call or part of the process where opportunities are qualified for fit, whilst the compelling reasons to buy are revealed by gaining...

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Out of Sight….. 3 ways to effectively coach remote and field based sales teams

The IDC predicted that within just 2 years, 72% of the US workforce will be ‘mobile’ as the rest of the work population catches up with the sales profession, for whom over 70% are in field sales...

6,000 reasons why your CRM won’t improve sales performance

Over the next 4.5 minutes, you’ll decide whether this was a great article, just about worthwhile or a complete waste of your valuable time - appreciating you may make that decision much earlier!...

Why are you coaching deals rather than coaching skills?

One of the most enlightening things was said to me by a prospect last week on one of my sales calls, when I asked about how seriously their managers take coaching within their 100+ global sales...

Coach Up or Coach Out? - Why Coachability is all that matters

Let’s face it, we all make bad hiring decisions - at least with the benefit of hindsight. Whilst we may strive for sifting and recruitment strategies that should leave us with rock star reps, it’s...

Sales Teams: Its time to take more pride in your outbound email efforts

Email outreach is a component of sales that, in these days of widespread automation and technical wizardry, is often under-appreciated and frankly taken for granted. Make no mistake, however,...

Are you leaving $27m on the table?

Sales reps who receive just 3 hours coaching a month, boost their revenue by 17% according to a study by the Sales Executive Council. So I was keen to see how much that could be worth for a B2B...

Banging the drum for 'middle of the road' coaching

In a previous blog I posted on SaaScribe, I banged the drum for the average sales person – hiring a team of rock stars may be an aspired goal, but its not a realistic one where time is limited and...

The One Dial in Sales That Has To Be Turned to 11

How much does it cost to create a qualified opportunity in your business?

QA - Quality Assurance or Quality Advancement?

Looking beyond Minimum Acceptable Standards and making every evaluated call result in performance improvement.