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Sales Call Eavesdrop - Cold Call Edition

How do you deal with a prospect saying: 'Send me some information'?  How important is active listening when you make cold calls? How should you open a cold call? For answers to these questions and...

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10 Steps to Turn Fresh Reps Into Confident Cold Callers

How do you take somebody with no cold calling experience whatsoever, to being a fully competent and confident prospecting superstar?


We're Hiring - Business Development Manager

Refract are looking for an excellent, experienced Business Development Manager to join our team here in Newcastle. Based at ‘The Core’ in the Centre of Newcastle, we’re building a world class SaaS...

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Cold Calling Tips - A Six Stage Model For Improvement

There's one question I seem to field from sales reps on a frequent basis, more than any other: What are your best cold calling tips to improve effectiveness? And my response? I give more than...

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6 Ways To Start Sales Coaching In 2019 - When you don’t know where to begin

New Year, New You! I’m sure we’ve all heard this phrase before, and perhaps have been asking ourselves the question of what new resolution we will take up as we begin 2019. Some people aim to go...

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8 Deadly Crutch Words and Phrases

Using ineffective and poor crutch words and phrases can damage your sales conversations. In the modern world, where sales is driven by science, our choice of vocabulary can emotionally connect or...

Conversation Intelligence

Five ways conversation intelligence tech will help crush your competition

I’ve often found that as sales people, we spend our lives worrying about the competition. And it’s a fair concern. It's understood now that 57% of a prospect’s purchase decision is complete before...

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6 Ways To Improve Your Sales Vocabulary

The science of effective sales conversations lies partly with the language we use to elicit the desired reactions and emotions of the prospects we speak with.

5 Flaws of Dated Sales Coaching - and how to fix them

When I was starting off in the world of sales some ten years or so ago, I would infrequently be accompanied by my manager to sales meetings. The purpose of this ‘in field’ ride-along would be so...

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Conversation Intelligence - Defeating Sales Tool Overwhelm

Are you familiar with the phrase ‘chuck enough mud at the wall and soon enough some will stick?’ Well that's the ‘clean’ version anyway!

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The Worst Coaching Conversation We've Ever Seen

Effective sales coaching stems from having effective conversations. Myself and Adam Zais of Kurlan Associates, recently wrote about the impact having great quality pre-call planning and post –call...

Why side-by-side sales coaching is dead

The exercise of live observing reps (aka ‘riding along’) on sales calls has long been a tried and tested method for managers to become exposed to how their reps sell, in order to coach them to a...

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50 Probing Questions For Sales Conversations

Open ended sales questions are the pinnacle of healthy sales conversations. Questions and probing techniques help buyers make purchasing decisions, without you needing to pitch or sell to them....

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Five steps to rapidly increase cold call success rates

Cold calling can be a daunting prospect. The thought that you are a calling a person unannounced and hoping they will listen to you long enough to introduce yourself is something nearly all sales...

Sales Performance

6 Sales Performance Metrics You Can Use Today

The information age delivers us an unending stream of sales-related metrics. But when it comes to sales performance management, does this torrent of data leave you happily surfing the wave or just...

How effective role-play gets my new sales reps effective within one week

We’ve been on somewhat of a hiring drive here recently at Refract. With hiring new sales guys comes the responsibility of getting reps up to speed as quick as possible. I speak with a lot of Sales...

New Enhancements to Refract - Peer-to-Peer Coaching and Collaboration.

Are you a manager? If you are, it’s very possible that you spend at least a small part of your otherwise-extremely-busy day putting out fires and scraping deadlines lamenting how little time you...