I coached our CEO at 8am on Saturday morning – from my sofa.


Saturday morning’s normally start the same way for me, a cup of tea on the sofa with a peruse of the paper followed by James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen whilst I think up my weekend plans and excuses for dodging the gym.

This Saturday, however, I was coaching my CEO – from my sofa, with a cup of tea in my hand. How? With Refract.

How? With Refract...

A few days prior I was on the end of a classic objection ‘a lack of time and budget’ – despite the prospect thinking Refract was a great platform and that they would love to adopt it across their sales team. I handled the objection as best as I could, being sympathetic yet asking some challenging questions (mainly around why the coaching and development of his sales team was no longer a priority) whilst looking for a solution to his lack of time and budget being finite. On the call, it became apparent that there was another stakeholder, the actual decision maker. More on this later.

Based on my experience I decided a lack of time and budget, despite a prospect’s enthusiasm should be our next internal role play challenge. To explain, we practice what we preach at Refract and each week a member of the sales team uploads a video to our coaching platform outlining a challenge for the team. The team in turn reply with how they would respond to this scenario. Each video is then reviewed and any coachable moments identified can be highlighted and shared back with the individual. and the best attempt with the team and added to the best practise library.

My challenge went live Friday lunchtime and by the evening I had replies from the entire team, including our CEO. At the time, I was in a restaurant with friends and even though I could have coached my colleagues from an Indian restaurant I thought it was best to wait until the morning.

8am on a Saturday and there I was, on my sofa retrospectively watching our CEO’s and the rest of my team’s role play attempts. Each approached the scenario differently, each with their own slant and style. Using Refract I could time stamp moments of brilliance and missed opportunities and provide feedback to everyone helping them develop and pepper them for this classic objection they will, without doubt face many times.

Role play/ Practice Mode/ Scenario Challenges, however you like to refer to it is a great way to develop your reps, minimise mistakes and ultimately close more deals. Only this morning one of our new SDR’s said to me that she found the role play challenges were helping her develop and she referred to a time she could overcome an objection because she was able to recall her colleague’s video on a previous role play challenge.

So, did I overcome the objection? Well, with a platform such as Refract, we’re enabling sales leaders to coach their team to success with efficiency and at a time that suits them whether that be during working hours, on their commute or on their sofa on a Saturday morning.

As for budget, I’m yet to find a prospect with a budget set aside for a sales coaching platform, however when you see the positive correlation between coaching and performance i.e. ‘dial to demo booked’ ratios improved and deal velocity and size increased the ROI speaks for itself.

What is Refract? Refract is a sales coaching platform that enables sales leaders to gain rapid insight into their sales team's most successful sales interactions, and to very easily share those best practices among their reps.

Imagine being able to take your most impactful questions, messaging, objection handling, and closing techniques which lead to closed deals and making those readily available for everyone to learn from.

That’s Refract.

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