Why Your Manager Doesn't Review Your Sales Calls

August 23, 2018

Listening to your team's sales conversations is one of the most impactful uses of your time as a sales manager or leader.

Last week, Keenan (AKA ‘A Sales Guy’) revealed that reviewing recorded calls increased the chance of reps hitting target by almost a third.

Let’s just replay that. Coaching the conversations where revenue is won or lost, can increase the chance of reps being successful by 30.2%. Is there any other activity you can do that has that kind of impact on the bottom line?

Whilst coaching has long been recognised by countless studies (CSO Insights, Sales Managers Association et al) as the single most impactful activity of a sales manager, this latest study hones in more specifically on reviewing calls.

This is an important distinction. There are many kinds of coaching, all of which can have great impact. Tamara Schenk of CSO Insights in her recent book ‘Sales Enablement’ co-authored with Byron Matthews of Miller Heimann, breaks coaching types into lead/opportunity coaching, pipeline coaching, account coaching, territory coaching and skills & behaviors. All have great merit and proven benefit - caveat: as long as conversations are ‘coaching’ and not ‘lets see what your going to close this quarter’ - This last pitfall is one of the examples of the coaching gap - where 82% of sales managers believe they coach their teams whilst only 48% of reps say they receive coaching.

Reviewing prospect or customer conversations can support all of these coaching types - and get right to the heart of what actually happens - no pre-perceptions or ideologies, no carrying on in blissful ignorance, replaying the defining moments for praise, ideas and corrective feedback.

So, why the hell doesn’t every manager have this as the number one activity each week on their agenda?

Here’s the uncomfortable truth - they can’t be bothered. Or at least bothered enough to make it a priority.

It may be harsh. Too busy, takes too much time, can always wait till tomorrow, it’s beneath them, not what they enjoy, not what they are good at, not a KPI, not remunerated on, unsure of call recording laws (not an insurmountable issue anywhere and for circa 80% of us, a non-issue for coaching) - some of these are said out loud but more frequently it’s the reasons that aren’t said that hold the real reasons for not finding out what happens in your team's conversations.

Technology is making this much easier. Capturing and analyzing those conversations, profiling the defining moments, sharing playbook moments and calls, unlocking self reflection and peer coaching, playing out real scenarios as bitesize challenge  and so on. It is not automated. That 30.2% uplift doesn’t come without any effort, commitment, resource or time. But it's easier than many think.

And if you believe there are better uses of that time and resource, fair play to you. The data is pretty damn compelling, you can lead horses to water....

Can we help your teams unlock that 30.2% uplift?

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