Webinar Replay - Sales For Kids with Joe Beales

He's the second most famous Joe on the internet - please welcome back to the Refract blog - 11yr old Joe Beales.

Refract CEO Kevin Beales and his son Joe ran a webinar earlier today where they shared some of the things that makes the sales profession great.

They covered:

  • How sales skills are used in every day life
  • What it means to be a sales professional?
  • How do you become great at sales?
  • A range of questions on the audeince - young and old including whether he got nervous making cold calls

Joe is an Experienced SDR at just 11 years of age (read more about his journey here) - with Refract he's now made dozens of meeting for the teams across a number of days in the office. He's even been coached by sales experts such as Josh Braun (& Refract's Mark Ackers). 

Enjoy the replay:


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