Salesforce Integration Is Here

We're pleased to announce that as of Wednesday 21st February 2018, Refract will complete the first stage of integration, beginning with an often requested feature - single sign on.

This will come initially with several features to make it a seamless experience for our customers:

  • Users no longer have to actually log into Refract. They can simply access Refract from the main navigation in Salesforce, triggering the single sign-on.

  • Users can call their contacts within a Salesforce opportunity using Refract. These calls will be recorded, transcribed, auto tagged and insights will be generated. The call will be logged as activity against that particular opportunity.

  • Users can play back and coach calls made previously using Refract. Any coaching done in Refract will also be tracked as activity against the Salesforce opportunity.

Keep an eye out for more updates - we have plans to make the integration even more comprehensive in the future!

If you are looking to integrate Refract into Salesforce, whether that be for sales Conversation Intelligence or for coaching sales staff with video have a look around our website and book a demo today.

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