The Complete Guide to Conversation Intelligence [eGuide]


If you’re managing a sales team, you want to reach your quota, right? In B2B sales, hitting that number is what matters most. Salespeople—and sales managers—are measured on it. Reaching your goals is a sign that your team is performing at its best. However, the reality is that over half of all sellers miss their quota in an average year. And this year has been anything but average.

But how can you help your sales reps perform better? How can you understand where they’re falling short, why they’re making these missteps, and how to help them improve? You need a way to enable every rep to be their best every single day. The answer is Conversation Intelligence.

  • Improve your sales coaching
  • Improve your sales learning
  • Improve revenue & performance.
Conversation Intelligence is the key to lifting the lid on what's happening in your sales conversations. Without this insight, you're lacking the information you need to effectively coach and improve your team. It's the intelligence you need to accelerate revenue and performance.

Richard Smith- Author
VP Sales, Refract

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