Discovery Call Coaching Checklist

Delivering Results: The Discovery Call Coaching Checklist

The Discovery Call Coaching Checklist focuses on the critical areas of a good discovery call.  You'll be able to use the checklist when listening back and coaching calls to keep track of how well your team perform in a number of areas. It covers:

  • Calibrating and Building Rapport
  • Pre-Call Preparation
  • Recognising pain points and identifying value
  • Establishing timescales
  • Identifying and presenting a good fit
  • Plus many more...

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“As powerful as coaching continually proves to be, it only accounts for less than 5% of sales manager's time.The Discovery Call Coaching Checklist offers a framework for coaching these crucial conversations."

Kevin Beales, Co-Founder, Refract


“Sales coaching is an incredibly powerful way to develop your reps, minimize mistakes, and ultimately close more deals. In The Discovery Call Checklist we share questions we use when coaching our own team to enable you to adopt more of a coaching culture among your team.”

Rich Smith, Co-Founder, Refract