[Case Study] ExP Recruitment replicates success of top billers with Conversation Intelligence

ExP Recruitment is a full service sales recruitment specialist. Due to the nature of the business, there's a wide and varied range of sales and recruitment prospecting conversations taking place across the business every day. ExP has used Refract to unlock what top billers do differently in order to replicate this across the team. Removing the need to manually listen to calls has saved countless hours in training and coaching. Using Refract also helps ExP to ramp new hires to first placement more quickly.

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John Richardson
“Aside from the knowledge sharing benefits of the coaching process, having immediate access to call recordings in Refract has saved us quite literally an entire job role. The work entailed in building an onboarding process from scratch would equate to a full time role.This library has formed organically and functions as a content repository not only for onboarding but also for team knowledge sharing, it's invaluable"”

John Richardson - CEO, ExP Recruitment

ExP Recruitment case study