Partner Testimonial - Dave Kurlan

"If you have a sales training organisation and you're considering a partnership with Refract, this is a no-brainer"

Objective Management Group CEO Dave Kurlan shares how Refract has grown revenue and impacted performance at both Kurlan & Associates and Objective Management Group.

New Revenue Streams

We offer both re-seller and referral commission plans depending on your circumstances. Working with Refract you'll be able to generate new active and passive revenue opportunities.

Drive Stronger ROI

Demonstrate stronger proof of impact back to your clients.  Refract allows you to evidence the impact of your coaching and training.

Lead Generation

Coaching clips or individual challenges can easily be shared online and offer a great way to drive interest in the services you provide. Shine a spotlight on prospects that would value your support, like SalesNv do.

Virtual 'on-demand' coaching

Leverage the value of your own intellectual property by making content available on demand to your customers.

Build Your Own Online Resource Library

Refract is far more than a sales coaching platform. Use your white labelled account to create a best practice library you can deploy with just a couple of clicks.

Reduce time & travel overheads

Refract offers the ability to deliver laser focused coaching remotely, lowering the need to travel considerably while retaining the quality that your clients value.

Partner Testimonial - Brian Geery

SalesNv coach organisations to deliver better software sales demonstrations.  In this testimonial Brian Geery, author of "How To Demonstrate Software So People Buy It", shares how he and his team leverage the power of Refract as part of the training and support they provide.

Partner Testimonial - Aaron Prickel

"Refract is next level coaching"

As President of Lushin Inc. with over 20 years experience Aaron is an incredibly enthusiastic Refract Partner. In this video he shares how Refract has a clear role within the business of further helping and retaining clients in a variety of ways.

Partner Testimonial - Mary Grothe

The growth of Mary's company SalesBQ has been meteoric to say the least.  Her company act as fractional VPs of Sales with organisations who are looking to build out sales teams.  Mary is in no doubt that the success of her business has been driven by the speed with which new starters can be onboarded, and this is largely due to Refract.

Much more than software your clients will love.

Your Refract Partner License includes:

  • Your own fully white labelled account, create branded client sub accounts.
  • Exclusive rate for partners
  • Listing as a recognised coach on the Refract website
  • Dedicated Partner Success Manager
  • Full onboarding
  • Monthly support call
  • Optional licensable sales coaching content
  • Co-marketing opportunities

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