The Inside Sales Onboarding Framework™ [eBook]

inside sales onboarding blueprint - mockup

In this book you'll discover, step by step, how to ramp new inside sales hires in record time. The six week framework will guide you on how to accelerate the onboarding process, focusing on the areas that matter most. We cover:

  • A week by week breakdown of key onboarding activities 
  • The markers of success that demonstrate you and the new hire are making positive progress
  • Frequently Asked Questions sales leaders ask when looking to onboard new hires 
It’s impossible to overstate the importance of onboarding to the success of a new inside sales hire. In The Inside Sales Onboarding Framework™ we set out a 6-week coaching framework for onboarding inside sales reps that fulfil all these objectives and more.

Kevin Beales- Author
Founder, Refract

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