Replicate Your Top Performers

Map your success DNA. Refract unlocks what your best inside sales reps and agents do differently, and what happens in your conversations with successful outcomes - to level jump performance and revenue across the team. Maximize your ROI and coach at scale, finding the right conversations and moments that move the needle.

What do your top performers do differently?

Trust your data, not big data. What leads to successful outcomes from your calls? What do your top performers do differently? 

AI-driven analysis that reveals success
Our AI Insights unlocks conversation intelligence, revealing the DNA of calls that lead to successful outcomes and revenue.
Data-driven performance coaching
Understand how each rep is performing in their conversations, extract the coachable insight to replicate top performers.
Level-jump performance and results
Coach based on the truth learned from your data. Build on what works, replicate and repeat for accelerated performance and revenue.
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Every conversation, call, demo, meeting and email contains a treasure trove of insight


The DNA of success, on your calls

AI insights reveal what happens in your conversations that lead to successful outcomes, what your top performers do differently and surface insight for every call.

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Find the mistakes and missed opportunities

A ‘Google’ style search of the contents of every call from every agent - what did your reps or prospects say, actions taken, topics discussed, and insights such as talk/listening or questions asked.


Coach at Scale

No more ride-alongs. Let Refract do the heavy lifting and accelerate your ROI. We find the key calls and tag key moments, with AI-driven insight from every call, to add your timestamped coaching feedback and optionally your QA or grading form.

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Your Virtual Sales Coach on Every Call

Triggered learning will send videos, links or documents based on conversation content, giving your reps just-in-time resources and knowledge to help them increase revenue.


Accelerate ramp time from onboarding to superstar

Easily ramp new hires by providing a curated library of your own real-world playbook calls and moments, accessed on-demand.

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Voice of the Customer

Reveal the unfiltered voice of customers or prospects, the words and phrases they use, the questions they ask, the objections they give. Create Business Intelligence by unlocking the black box.

A ten-fold return for onboarding new hires

For Jason Ring, Refract enabled him to multiply himself. Allowing the company to onboard 5 new hires, in very challenging conditions, 100% remotely.

He shares how, using Refract, he no longer needs to sit alongside reps and listen in, spreading himself too thin. With all calls recorded and analysed he is able to retain visibility, in a fraction of the time, and in the current times - remotely.

Samir Patel - NEOPOST

We use Refract and its power to be able to give us insights into exactly what happens on every call. We then use this to coach each of the agents to strengthen their abilities, to be able to make those calls more effective.

Samir Patel
Inside Sales Director, NEOPOST

Integrations for Inside Sales teams


Integrations for Inside Sales teams

Refract connects seamlessly to the systems you already use with our out-of-the-box integrations. If you can't see it on our website, simply ask us and we can explore the art of the possible.

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