Refract for SaaS Sales Teams

Capture and Scale your Playbook  

Selling SaaS demands agility, data-driven insight, and scale. Refract allows SaaS sales leaders to quickly ramp new hires to superstars, understand what top performers do differently, analyse the DNA that leads to successful outcomes from your calls and demos. Coach and share the playbook for every rep, to level jump revenue.

Find the conversations and moments that matter

Your Google search of every call. Conversation intelligence to help you find the moments where revenue is won and lost - the mistakes, missed opportunities and playbook moments to share and learn from.

Search for topics, words or phrases
Prospect name checked a competitor? Mentioned pricing? Want to recap on pain points or key objectives discussed? Simply search by keywords or phrases to recap instantly.
Filter to find what you need
Filter through calls based on call type, date, rep or team to quickly access the information your need to review.
See your call data
Use call insights such as talk time or questions asked to continually review and refine.
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Every conversation, call, demo, meeting and email contains a treasure trove of insight for your SaaS Sales


The DNA of success, on your calls & demos

AI insights reveal what happens in your conversations that lead to successful outcomes, what your top performers do differently and surface insight for every call and demo.

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Find the most valuable conversations and moments

A ‘Google’ style search of the contents of every call and demo - what did your reps and/or prospects say, what were the actions taken, what topics were discussed, alongside who, when and the insights such as talk/listening or questions asked.

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Your Virtual Sales Coach on Every Call

Triggered learning will send videos, links or documents based on conversation content, giving your reps just-in-time resources and knowledge to help them increase revenue.


Accelerate ramp time from onboarding to superstar

Easily ramp new hires by providing a curated library of your own real-world playbook calls and moments, accessed on-demand.

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Review and coach calls and demos

Let Refract do the heavy lifting. We find the key calls and tag the key moments, with AI-driven insight from every call. You can add your timestamped coaching feedback and ideas as text, audio or video and share playbook moments.

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Help reps develop faster through self-reflection and top-performing peers

Reps can have access to find and replay any of their own conversations, for preparation, self-reflection or to request coaching from leaders and peers. Let them search top-performing peers examples and collaborate to level-jump together.

Conversation Intelligence streamlines Sales Enablement

Lisa Kalner Williams, Sales Enablement Manager at Agorapulse shares how she uses Refract to empower her sales team with the tools they need to succeed.

According to Lisa, day-to-day, there is no better way to capture competitive intelligence, positioning and feedback than listening to a call and analysing the data. Lisa speeds up tracks, uses transcripts and searches actual data to handle all of the scenarios encountered by her team and she coaches based on that data.

roel de wever

Because of Refract, it's now way easier for us to check calls, grade calls, and for us to teach our SDRs how and where they can improve - by listening to the calls everyone makes. It's so easy.

Roel De Wever
Head of Sales Development, Rydoo

Integrations SaaS teams will love


Integrations SaaS teams will love

Refract integrates with the tools SaaS sales teams rely on to deliver demos, make calls, and track performance. We integrate with an growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recording systems, and video conferencing platforms. With many more on our roadmap.

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