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Whether you're an experienced sales leader looking for fresh ideas, or want to simply level up your sales management game, download our range of sales resources.

Winning With Remote Sales In The New Normal

Whether you run an established remote sales team, or your office-based team has recently moved to home working, you’ll understand that remote sales is an entirely different challenge. There are opportunities as the current crisis develops; opportunities to for remote teams to thrive.

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The SaaS Sales Coaching Blueprint™

In this book, you'll discover the keys to coaching a successful SaaS sales team in under 90 minutes a week.  The SaaS Sales Coaching Blueprint will guide you through six weeks of coaching activity to improve your SaaS sales team's adaptability and skill set.

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The Sales Coaching Handbook™

In this book, you'll learn what some of the top sales coaches do to achieve a better motivated and more focused sales force, and how you can take these techniques and apply them yourself.

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Recordings Into Revenue™

Discover the untapped opportunities that exist within your sales call recordings, and how you can use these recordings to raise the performance of your sales team, and build revenue.

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The Inside Sales Onboarding Framework™

In this book you'll discover, step by step, how to ramp new inside sales hires in record time. The six week framework will guide you on how to accelerate the onboarding process, focusing on the areas that matter most.

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Case Study Pack

Discover how a wide range of sales-driven organisations are using Refract's Sales Intelligence Platform to gain insights from their sales conversations and elevate sales performance.

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7 Pillars of Software Sales Conversations

We dived into over 200,000 sales conversations and analysed the patterns of great software sales calls. The results are revealing. 

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The Discovery Call Coaching Checklist™

The Checklist focuses on critical areas of a good discovery call. Use the checklist when listening back and coaching calls, keeping track of how well your team do

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Access the Latest Thinking on Maximising Sales Performance

We're delighted to be able to offer a complimentary digital copy of The Sales Performance Supplement in The Times featuring an interview with Refract Founder Kevin Beales (page 9).

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