Sales Coaching Handbook

Sales Coaching Handbook

In this book you'll learn what some of the top sales coaches do to achieve a better motivated and more focused sales force, and how you can take these techniques and apply them yourself.

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Case Study Pack CTA

Case Study Pack

Discover how a wide range of sales driven organisations are using Refract's Sales Intelligence Platform to gain insights from their sales conversations and elevate sales performance.

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7 Pillars of Software Sales Conversations

We dived into over 200,000 sales conversations and analysed the patterns of great software sales calls. The results are revealing - download it here.

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Discovery Call Coaching Checklist

The Checklist focuses on critical areas of a good discovery call.  Use the checklist when listening back and coaching calls, keeping track of how well your team do - download it here.

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Coach The Sale Podcast

The podcast for sales professionals on the path to becoming sales leaders.

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