Refract for Sales Trainers/Coaches

Ratecard Revenue - Remotely!

Sales Trainers and External Sales Coaches love Refract, why? New revenue streams, longer engagements, differentiation and tangible client results from your expertise. Deliver high impact distance coaching - on your terms, without ties to calendars or travel. 

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Ratecard Revenue Remotely

Imagine this. Your Coaching program. Each rep has one call coached per month, a weekly bitesize video scenario challenge coached and graded, a remote team coaching session monthly - and the best playbook examples and moments shared.

  • How much do you charge, monthly per rep?
  • The time commitment is about an hour per rep, per month

Is that above your rate card revenue? Without travel or fixed time commitment?


Creating Greater Impact with Less Time

For Aaron Prickell (President, Lushin Inc.) the decision to partner with Refract was driven by a simple question; "how could we better help our clients?".

In Refract he discovered a platform that would rapidly unlock the potential of his clients, allowing him and his team to be in multiple places, without being in multiple places.


New Revenue Streams

Working with Refract you'll be able to generate additional distance coaching revenue through you or your associates, with our bitesize video scenario challenges and coaching of live sales conversations.

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Longer-Term Engagements

Refract unlocks recurring revenue and longer engagements. Deliver distance coaching long after training, workshops and consultancy to ensure impact, and retain client engagement and revenue.



We know you’re so much better than all the others also delivering training, workshops and consultancy. Demonstrate the differentiation, results and value by adding effective distance coaching into your kit bag.


Coach Your Client's Sales Conversations

Your clients reps actual conversations are where revenue is won and lost. Coaching yourself or with associates not only provides extraordinary results and value at the coal face but also uncovers a future opportunity for your other activities.

  • Enable clients to make and share recorded calls and demos
  • Refract reveals key moments, you can tag and coach with expert feedback
  • Deliver coaching and feedback remotely, share best examples

Learning Reinforcement and Measure Training ROI

Bitesize video scenario challenges take less than 60 seconds to create and deliver, to participate in and minutes to coach/share. Real coaching opportunities from each submission - to tag, grade and share best examples, with a minimum investment in time.

  • Create custom real-life scenarios for clients
  • Build a bank of generic challenges
  • Weekly cadences such as a 12-week coaching program give extraordinary revenue for time invested.
“If you have a sales training organisation and you're considering a partnership with Refract, this is a no-brainer.”

Dave Kurlan - CEO Objective Management Group