Survived & Thrived: How Sales Leaders Navigated 18 Months That Changed the World Forever [Interview Article]


The past 18 months have been far from normal. The adaptations made by individuals, teams and entire businesses have allowed us to fast-track into a world-embracing the use of technology to enable remote working and communication.

So, what have we learned? What’s here to stay and which parts of the traditional sales role are now a distant memory? We interviewed 5 global sales leaders to get their take on the experience. They share:

  • The biggest challenges and triumphs faced as a result of the pandemic
  • The impact of the changes made in order to adapt
  • The tried and tested initiatives they'll be keeping in place for the future.
George Donovan
We closed a number of 6 figure deals having never met the prospect face to face and that’s when I became a big believer that people don’t necessarily need to see salespeople face to face to buy into the value of an offering.

George Donovan- Author
CRO, Allego

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