Hear what our customers have to say about Refract Conversation Intelligence.

Conversation Intelligence powers coaching for better performance

Ethan-Jak Anderson, Sales Performance Coach at Arco shares how using Refract has helped each agent in his team to speak with at least two additional decision-makers per day, adding on average an extra 11 sales per day to the bottom line - all by tracking and measuring performance with Refract Conversation Intelligence.

Arco testimonial

Conversation Intelligence streamlines sales enablement for Agorapulse

Lisa Kalner Williams, sales enablement manager at Agorapulse shares how she uses Refract to empower her sales team with the tools they need to succeed.

According to Lisa, day-to-day, there is no better way to capture competitive intelligence, positioning and feedback than listening to a call and analysing the data. Lisa speeds up tracks, uses transcripts and searches actual data to handle all of the scenarios encountered by her team and she coaches based on that data.

A ten-fold return for onboarding new hires

For Jason Ring (global head of inside sales at global shares) Refract enabled him to multiply himself. Allowing the company to onboard 5 new hires, in very challenging conditions, 100% remotely.

He shares how, using Refract, he no longer needs to sit alongside reps and listen in, spreading himself too thin. With all calls recorded and analysed he is able to retain visibility, in a fraction of the time, and in the current times - remotely.


Turning lost deals into won deals

Martin Walker and Ed Harries share the impact that Refract has had on their Inside Sales Team at Visualsoft - one of the UK’s leading eCommerce software & digital marketing agencies. They share a specific moment when using Refract led directly to a potentially lost deal being turned around and won.

Powering improved conversion rates at Rydoo

Roel De Wever and Charlie Ceustermans from Rydoo used to manually record and review their teams calls in a very ad hoc way. Implementing Refract they now check, grade, and review calls. Quickly and accurately pointing reps towards areas for improvement, and dramatically improving the quality of handover between teams.