Join Us For A Masterclass In Delivering Demos

During software sales demonstrations, prospects want to learn why your software is better than the competition.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How much can we differentiate our product before the demo even begins?
  • How do we stop the demo from just becoming a 'feature' battle against the competition?
  • How should you talk about competitors during a demonstration? What is appropriate or not appropriate?
  • How can you compete against a decision to not purchase any software and remain status quo?
  • How can you explain your competitive advantages in a manner that is persuasive, compelling and memorable?
  • If you have strong competitors that possess real advantages, how can you still win the sale?

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Brian Geery

Managing Partner - SalesNv

  • I am passionate about making software sales demos that kick ass. That's why I wrote the book, How to Demonstrate Software So People Buy It. Check it out on Amazon. It's also why I use game-changing sales coaching software to deliver my services.
  • I look at software demonstrations the way Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, or Martin Scorsese look at movies. When I’m done with a demo overhaul, it’s a blockbuster. Close ratios skyrocket. Everyone makes money. Competitors cringe.

Peter Cohan

Principal - The Second Derivative

  • Peter's company are focused on helping software organizations make their numbers by improving their sales and marketing demonstrations.
  • Peter is the author of Great Demo!: How To Create And Execute Stunning Software Demonstrations
  • Peter developed and teaches the Great Demo! method - a novel, surprisingly effective way to turn a traditional demo "upside down" - that shortens software sales cycles, increases order size, and gets the job done.

Richard Smith

Co-Founder and Head of Sales - Refract

  • Co-Founder and Head of Sales for UK SaaS company Refract - conversational intelligence and sales coaching technology.
  • Passionate about the impact and science of coaching, in improving sales performance and results.

The Webinar Has Now Ended

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