Refract Conversation Intelligence

Uncover what's working in your sales conversations to boost performance & revenue
Capture sales conversations Capture sales conversations
Analyse key moments Analyse key moments
Analyse key moments Replicate what works
Accelerate revenue Accelerate revenue
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How does conversation intelligence boost performance & revenue?

Faster ramp time to top performer
Increase in revenue
More reps hit quota
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Capture every conversation with your customers for a clear vision of the truth behind each and every deal. 84% of buyers say reps convey value ineffectively when selling virtually. Search, listen tag and share for an accurate view of what's working and what's not.
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Review, coach and share the most valuable, revenue defining moments from conversations. Spot mistakes and uncover opportunities using your actual call data. Understand the DNA of your sales interactions that lead to successful outcomes.
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Share real-time call data and insights to tweak, coach teams and replicate what you know is effective. Use the insights unique to your business for data-driven decision making. Improve performance, revenue and successful outcomes using call data as your compass.

Closing more deals with Refract

Lisa Kalner- Williams

Lisa Kalner Williams


Roel De Wever

Roel De Wever


Sam Patel

Sam Patel


Ethan Jak Anderson

Ethan-Jak Anderson


John Richardson

John Richardson

ExP Recruitment


Lisa Kalner-Williams testimonial

Lisa Kalner Williams, Sales Enablement Manager at Agorapulse shares how she uses Refract to empower her sales team with the tools they need to succeed. According to Lisa, day-to-day, there is no better way to capture competitive intelligence, positioning and feedback than listening to a call, analysing the data and coaching teams based on that data.


Rydoo HQ

Roel De Wever and Charlie Ceustermans from Rydoo used to manually record and review their teams calls ad-hoc. Implementing Refract they now check, grade, and review calls quickly and accurately, coaching reps on areas for improvement, and dramatically improving the quality of handover between teams.


Neopost HQ

Sam Patel, Inside Sales Director at Neopost shares the night and day difference Refract has made to the Inside Sales function. Moving away from an inefficient process of trying to search and find calls to now being able to identify, grade, and coach calls as part of an ongoing development process, in seconds.


Arco sales

Ethan-Jak Anderson, Sales Performance Coach at Arco shares how using Refract has helped his team to increase offer rate (product mentions per call) by 75%, and RPC figure (Right Party Contact) from 13.6% to 16%, meaning each agent speaks to at least two additional decision-makers per day, adding on average an extra 11 sales per day to the bottom line - all by tracking and measuring performance with Refract Conversation Intelligence.

ExP Recruitment


John Richardson, Director at ExP Recruitment shares how his team have been able to unlock what top billers in the team do differently, using Refract. Removing the need to manually listen to each and every call has enabled ExP to find key moments to replicate across the team, leading to better performance and more placements.


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Every conversation, call, demo, meeting and email contains a treasure trove of insight


Accelerate revenue & successful outcomes

Listen back on conversations at speed to profile where revenue is won and lost. Coach, replicate and repeat.


Boost rep performance & ramp new hires

Coach teams to develop faster by replicating top-performers and collating ‘conversation triggered’ learning & resources.


Uncover 'Voice of Customer' & market

Strategically craft messaging & positioning  business-wide, based on the unfiltered voice of customers and prospects.

Unlock the black box of your revenue conversations

How many pivotal moments of your sales team’s calls, demos, and meetings are lost, forgotten about, never to be seen or heard again? Moments where revenue is won or lost, and the learning opportunities they offer- gone forever. That can change today.

Sharing conversations with colleagues

“Onboarding is superb, training is excellent, staff are incredibly helpful and the platform itself is outstanding. Thank you Refract.”
Ethan Anderson

Ethan Anderson

Sales Performance Coach

“I love how in-depth the software is and I am just scratching the surface. It has completely changed 1:1s and call reviews for my team.”

Richard Truman

Richard Truman

Senior Sales

“I absolutely love how Refract can help coach and develop me after calls, sharing conversations with colleagues is great!
Natalie Lomas

Natalie Lomas

Regional Account Manager