Allego for Sales Leadership

Build Great Teams and Create Top-Performing Sellers

Lead your sales team to success with the sales enablement platform designed to empower sellers and accelerate sales.

Decreased Onboarding Time, Faster Results

Learn how ResMed Optimizes Onboarding with Data Using Allego

Develop High-Performing Sales Teams

Accelerate sales productivity by improving onboarding, speeding up ramp times, empowering sellers, increasing retention, and replicating A-player behavior.

Sales Leadership That Motivates Sales Success

Ramp New Hires Quickly
Ramp New Hires Quickly

Engage new hires, develop critical skills, and drive faster results for your organization.

Empower Sellers
Empower Sellers

Empower hybrid sales teams with the skills, knowledge, and content they need to drive results anywhere, anytime.

Maximize Resources
Maximize Resources

Drastically reduce travel and training costs with virtual onboarding, coaching, and meetings.

Enable Sales Success
Enable Sales Success

Provide sellers with the right resources, processes, and technology to sell effectively and increase revenue.

Turbocharge Sales

Coach & Create Top Performers

Improve business outcomes by replicating A-player behavior and enabling experiential learning.

Target and eliminate skill gaps during training and selling
Deliver actionable learning and sales content at the moment of need
Capture and leverage employee knowledge, best approaches, and customer insights
Scale frequency and quality of coaching to drive results
Team Collaboration

Connect & Empower Sales Teams

Deliver sales strategies and tactics to help sellers retain a competitive edge.

Capture best practices and competitive intelligence right from the field
Foster peer-to-peer learning with mobile video knowledge sharing
Keep your sales force engaged before, during, and after training
Give reps the knowledge and collateral they need to win every deal
Virtual Sales Experience

Unleash the Power of Virtual Selling

Equip sellers to differentiate, collaborate, and accelerate sales in a hybrid world.

Enable reps to create and share personalized content
Train and reinforce hybrid sales best practices at scale
Build strong rapport with customers in a virtual world
Increase buyer engagement with Digital Sales Rooms
Sales rep doing virtual selling from a remote office

Your ramp-to-revenue opportunity can definitely be shortened with the use of Allego. And I definitely have seen that unfold. I think people are a lot more ready for the world after going through training now with Allego versus before.

Emily Mason Senior Learning Strategist / ResMed

Our new hires have found Allego to be the MOST valuable tool to getting up to speed on products.

Jeff Lovanio AVP - Distribution Training and Development Manager / Voya

Allego really allowed us to transform how we go to market, reinvigorate our sales force, drive this higher ASP product in a commodity market, take market share from a competitor, and then ultimately grow the business.

Anne Lindley Kumlin Sr. Director, Customer Care / Enovis

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