Allego Channel Sales Enablement

Channel Reps.
As Powerful as Your Top Reps.

Equip channel reps with skills, knowledge, and content to engage buyers and win.

Activate Partner Channels

Maximize the value of channel relationships by driving engagement, accelerating proficiency, and ensuring content adoption

Onboard and Train Channel Sellers

Scale Learning & Reinforcement. Create personalized learning journeys, AI-powered microlearning, and automated competency assessments.
Certify Channel Reps. Align learning with field application using intelligent video practice and certifications with simulated objection handling.
Share Best Practices. Easily capture and share bite-sized insights, best practices, and approaches from experts reps across your channel partners..

Manage Channel Sales Content

Deliver Content in Context. Infuse relevant content into the flow of salespeople’s daily work with predictive search, playbooks, and AI-powered recommendations in CRM.
Drive Content Collaboration. Ensure channel reps use content effectively by capitalizing on company-wide expertise using asynchronous video collaboration.
Measure Content Impact. Increase content engagement and effectiveness by understanding which content is driving channel revenue.

Coach and Create Top Performers

Coach at Scale. Develop skills using the entire spectrum of coaching tools including video roleplay, in-person coaching, simulated objection handling, call coaching, and AI-powered coaching and feedback.
Drive Deal Collaboration. Reimagine opportunity review meetings and deal collaboration using patented asynchronous video collaboration tools that maintain the human connection remotely.
Share Best Practices. Continually exchange insights, best practices, announcements, and automated feedback across the entire revenue team.

Launch Products and Processes

Launch to Partners Virtually. Personalize your virtual launch training with interactive assessments and stand-and-deliver exercises to prepare channel reps.
Align on Launches Easily. Manage, distribute, and contextualize key launch information using easy-to-capture explainer videos and text-based guidance for deeper alignment.
Get Channel Feedback. Establish a feedback loop from Sales to Marketing to understand which messages and content work, and provide just-in-time learning libraries and recommendations of best practices.

Prospect and Sell Virtually

Share Content from Rep Workflows. Share content with buyers right from email, CRMs and social sites and track how they engage in real time.
Personalize Selling. Cut through the noise using personalized video messages for prospects with in-video interactivity and links to pertinent content and call clips.
Create Digital Sales Rooms. Delight buyers with digital sales rooms featuring curated content collections, refined using internal collaborative team channels and insights from AI-powered conversation intelligence.

See how teams are using Allego to make an impact

Out of the gate, we started to see immediate adoption in the field. Over the last 90 days, 93% of all users have accessed Allego at least once. We’ve logged almost 200,000 video views.

Travis Hecker Senior Manager of Global Sales Training / Abbott

We were looking for a platform that was going to help us coach and get critical knowledge out to our salespeople quickly. There are lots of readiness platforms that can be used for a bit of coaching, but it isn’t their core capability. Allego is specifically designed for coaching, and it has functionality that isn’t available in any other tool.

Graeme Mckenzie Global Sales Enablement Director / SoftwareAG

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