Coach The Sale Podcast EP00 - Welcome To The Podcast

EP00 - Welcome To The Podcast

If you're a sales professional or sales leader who's focused on developing your own skills, and those around you, then we hope you're going to enjoy our new podcast - Coach The Sale

Each episode I'll be interviewing some of the very best sales coaches and sales professionals from around the world to really understand what makes them tick. We'll dig deeper to uncover what these sales pros do that others don't, and how can you can take their expertise and insight and apply it to your own organization.

Our focus is going to be drilling down on the specifics of what the very best sales professionals, sales coaches, sales leaders do, with actionable tips throughout.  Our goal is to try and understand what our guests do that's different from the rest, and how they support the people around them to become the very best at what they do to coach the sale.

If you're passionate about sales and sales coaching, where you strive to develop and hone your own skills, and those around you, then this is the podcast for you. We hope you're going to get a lot of value from the show.


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