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How to Overcome 'New Norm' Sales Objections You'll Likely Face

How to Overcome 'New Norm' Sales Objections You'll Likely Face

Anybody who makes cold calls faces objections - it's part of life in sales.  However, during this 'New Normal' and unique selling environment, reps are consistently facing the same objections over and over again.  To help reps overcome them, we've created a guide that identifies the objections, uncovers the meaning behind them, and provides real example responses reps can use to overcome them.

We've condensed the objections, meanings, and example responses.  To see the full list of objections and example responses, download your copy of the full book here.

Here's a preview of 3 of the 'New Norm' Sales Objections you'll likely face.

1) "Now's not the right time."

This is an objection that reps have heard before the current Coronavirus situation, but with the majority of people still working from home it's especially relevant because companies are worried about the economic impact.

While it's true that the Coronavirus crisis has caused a massive amount of upheaval in business and many byers will have their budgets constrained, this is likely an objection that the prospect will say because they want to easily get you off the phone.

In most situations, you likely didn't get the prospect interested enough at the start of the call.  Instead of taking the prospect at their word and ending the call only to make a half-hearted note to call them next quarter or email over some information, most reps will just move on.

Instead, one approach to this objection would be to be honest but bold.  Responding with something like, 'I appreciate that.  Is that a polite way of telling me to go away?  Or, can we arrange a time to talk next quarter?'

2) "Send me some information."

This is a classic objection that reps have heard even before the Coronavirus situation too.  In the past, we've seen reps take this at face value and spend 15 minutes crafting the 'perfect' follow-up email only to never hear from the prospect again.

Just as with the first objection, this objection is real-time feedback on your performance.  It's telling you all of the different reasons that the prospect isn't interested in carrying on the conversation, such as you not being clear enough about exactly what you do or pitching too much.

If you're interested to see how to respond to 'send me some information', see a detailed breakdown and example responses by downloading 5 'New Norm' Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them here. 

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3) "I'm not interested."

Another objection designed to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, if the prospect were genuinely not interested, they would be able to come up with more detailed feedback, rather than a generic brush-off.

One reason you'll hear this objection is because you didn't articulate the problems you solve in a clear enough way.  Or, you didn't get them excited by speaking their language.

While this seems like a difficult objection to overcome, your job is to show them that there is a better way of doing things that can have a significant impact on the way they do business.

If you're interested to see how to respond to 'I'm not interested', see a detailed breakdown and example responses by downloading 5 'New Norm' Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them here. 

Curious to see the full list of objections, reasons, and example responses? 

Download a copy of the book here to give you the responses to the 'New Norm' sales objections so your team can consistently overcome them and improve their performance.


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