coaching remote sales teams today

10 Reasons Why Coaching Remote Sales Teams Today is Non-Negotiable

With the world around us changing in every regard during this madness, making the switch to remote has brought varying levels of challenge to implement, but much of the impact...

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Webinar Replay - Coaching for Seven Habits for Stunningly Successful Demos

Traditional-average demos – and traditional-average demo delivery – today is simply insufficient.

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Webinar Replay - Sales For Kids with Joe Beales

He's the second most famous Joe on the internet - please welcome back to the Refract blog - 11yr old Joe Beales.

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Prospecting Sales Bootcamp Replay - 2nd April

After the success of our last Sales Prospecting Bootcamp we followed up this, our third session, crammed full of top sales tactics to help in challenging times.

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Coach The Sale EP23 - Life As An In-House Sales Coach

Many times on the show we've spoken to external sales coaches and trainers but this episode is a little different, Rob Cucurull joins us to discuss life as an internal sales...

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Prospecting Sales Bootcamp Replay - 26th March 2020

After the success of our last Sales Prospecting Bootcamp we followed up with another session crammed full of top sales tactics to help in challenging times.

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Prospecting Sales Bootcamp Replay - 19th March 2020

Over 600 people joined us for just over an hour of tips, tricks, techniques, and playbooks on our Refract Sales Prospecting Bootcamp, learning new ideas to create some pipeline...

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Turn Sales Role Play Into Revenue

At the ripe old age of 36, I’m now comfortable classifying myself as a ‘seasoned’ sales professional having been perfecting my sales approach for the last 15 years. However,...

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Josh Braun EP22

Coach The Sale EP22 - Empathy, Milkshakes and Shotguns

Is there any place for empathy in Sales? How can we improve our sales process by understanding the buying process?

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Joes Cold Calling Journey 6 Months On

11yr old Joe's Cold Calling Journey Continues

Worried or nervous about making cold calls? 11-year-old Joe Beales says: ‘Just get over it!’

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EP21 - Pete von Burchard

Coach The Sale EP21 - Coaching A Modern Sales Organization

Does a SaaS company like Wistia really need a Sales function? Pete von Burchard (VP of Sales and Customer Success), joins me to discuss how pivotal to revenue and growth Sales...

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EP20 - Why Authenticity Sells with Dale Dupree

Coach The Sale EP20 - Why Authenticity Sells

How authentic are you in your sales conversations? Do you feel the need to have a polished persona of business professionalism that doesn't reflect who you are in any way? Dale...

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EP19 - Kevin Dorsey

Coach The Sale EP19 - Your Sales Methodology Is Irrelevant

Your sales methodology is irrelevant, that's the view of Kevin Dorsey, VP of Inside Sales at PatientPop, a rapidly growing platform that helps doctors increase the visibility...

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scale your sales team

5 Tips to Scale Your Sales Team and Create Repeatable Outcomes

I remember playing with Grow Monsters - those expandable water toys that grow five times or more their original size after a few days in water. It was fun to see a tiny...

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SCE - Cold Calling Edition

Sales Call Eavesdrop - Cold Call Edition

How do you deal with a prospect saying: 'Send me some information'?  How important is active listening when you make cold calls? How should you open a cold call? For answers to...

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EP18 - How to have better discovery conversations with Andy Paul

Coach The Sale EP18 - How To Have Better Discovery Conversations

Discovery is one of the most critical components in the sales process. But when it comes to engaging new prospects, so many sales professionals wade into uncharted waters...

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cold calling confidence

10 Steps to Turn Fresh Reps Into Confident Cold Callers

How do you take somebody with no cold calling experience whatsoever, to being a fully competent and confident prospecting superstar?

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EP17 - The Path to SDR Success with Morgan J Ingram

Coach The Sale EP17 - The Path to SDR Success

In today's episode, we're talking all things SDR with the one and only Morgan J. Ingram, host of The SDR Chronicles, a popular YouTube channel where Morgan documents his SDR...

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EP16 - The Power of Sales Process with George Brontén

Coach The Sale EP16 - The Power of Sales Process

There are few subjects that generate as much enthusiasm and excitement amongst sales professionals as sales process. Well, maybe not... But that's about to change.

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EP15 - Sales Onboarding Done Right with John Lund and Matt Schultz

Coach The Sale EP15 - Sales Onboarding Done Right

Effective sales onboarding is critical when you’re ready to grow your sales team and set up new hires for success whilst avoiding disrupting the successful team you already...

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Refracts Guide To Prospecting Days

Refract's Guide To Prospecting Days

At Refract, every month we host a prospecting day, a day where everyone in sales comes together to do one thing and one thing only, hit the phones! In a unique way these days...

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EP14 - Business Development Done Right w Caryn Kopp

Coach The Sale EP14 - Business Development Done Right

What does great business development look like? It can be hard to know exactly who to hire for important sales roles, and it’s equally challenging knowing how to handle legacy...

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EP13 - Implementing Strategic Sales Growth with Amir Reiter

Coach The Sale EP13 - Implementing Strategic Sales Growth

We all want our teams to succeed and our businesses to grow,  but timing is of paramount importance. It's not always easy knowing when to put a plan into action, or where to...

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EP12 - Sales and Marketing Unite with Darryl P

Coach The Sale EP12 - Sales & Marketing Unite!

Why is it that separate Sales and Marketing divisions from the same company, with the same goals, and the same direction, can spend so much of their valuable energy competing...

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EP11 - Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset

Coach The Sale EP11 - Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset

Self-improvement is one of most easily accessible pillars of success for every sales professional who is serious about managing their career growth. On this episode of Coach...

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