Refract Sales Coaching Survey Takeaways

Takeaways and insights from the refract sales coaching survey

The impact of sales coaching shows in the survey results for reps across the board, giving key insights into sales coaching for high performing reps.  We surveyed hundreds of sales professionals, ranging from individual contributors to sales leaders to get their input on the current state of sales coaching.

We've condensed the learnings from the survey.  To review the full report and gain access to all of the insights it provides, download your copy of the report here.

Here's a preview of 3 surprising takeaways from the Refract Sales Coaching Survey:

1) For SaaS sales reps, coaching matters

Sales reps place a high importance on coaching to get them to the level they want to be at.  They list coaching as an important, critical part to help them achieve their personal goals.

Coaching is an essential part of reps hitting their target, which reps stating that coaching helps them build their skills and allows them to generate better results.

Most sales SaaS reps feel that confidence is such a significant factor in their success because of how much more likely it makes prospecting willing to take a call from someone who is enthusiastic and confident.  

SaaS sales reps clearly feel coaching matters - and is a big part of their success to hit their target.

2) Coaching matters to sales leaders too

The majority of sales leaders feel that coaching has a demonstrable positive impact on their team's performance, and that just like reps, it is an important, critical function of their role.

Sales coaching benefits have grown in their importance, with coaching serving as a way to:

  • Enhance reps' skills
  • Ramp up new starters faster
  • Boost revenue figures

If you're interested the other benefits of sales coaching and the impact of sales coaching for sales leaders, download your copy of The Refract SaaS Sales Coaching Survey 2020.New call-to-action

3) Sales leaders don't coach as much as they think they do

Sales leaders view sales coaching as important, but there is a disconnect between how much they value sales coaching and how they much actually coach.  

The majority of sales leaders told us that they coach each rep on their team at least weekly, with nearly a quarter of them talking about coaching each rep on their team daily.

However, when comparing the responses of the sales leaders to that of the individual contributors, there was a clear disconnect.

If you're interested to learn more about the disconnect between sales leaders and individual contributors, download your copy of The Refract SaaS Sales Coaching Survey 2020.

Curious to see the full results of the survey and more of our top takeaways? 

Download a copy of the report here to give you key insights to help your sales coaching improve rep performance and hitting target.

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