Sales Role Play

Turn Sales Role Play Into Revenue

At the ripe old age of 36, I’m now comfortable classifying myself as a ‘seasoned’ sales professional having been perfecting my sales approach for the last 15 years. However, the world of revenue...

Sales Role Play, Interviews

A Refreshing Approach To Sales Interviews

An interview is always a nerve racking time, I personally think those nerves are amplified in a sales role, where it is assumed that because you ‘sell’ you will be good at selling yourself!

Sales Role Play

5 Sales Role Play Essentials

Even though sales role-play within sales coaching is not a new concept, the way in which it’s often used in companies can be detrimental to the company and its salespeople. However, if used...

Sales Role Play

Sales Role Play - Does It Make You Shudder?

If you work in sales, I know two words that will make most of you ‘Shudder” … ROLE. PLAY.